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Band Saw Circle Cutting Jig Woodworking Plan

Band Saw Circle-cutting JigYou can take all the guesswork out of cutting circles on your band saw with this circle-cutting jig.

The Band Saw Circle-Cutting Jig is ideal for cutting circles anywhere from 2" to 48" in diameter. The base serves as a carriage for the workpiece. This setup allows you to slide both the workpiece and the jig into the saw blade as you start the cut. Then a cleat on the front of the jig catches the saw table and locks the jig in place, with the center guide pin automatically aligned to the saw blade. All you have to do then is set the adjustable rail for the exact size of the circle you want.

The front and rear base of the jig is made from ¾"-thick plywood, while the other wooden parts are ¾" and ½"-thick hardwood. The adjustable rail also requires two pieces of 1/8"-thick acrylic plastic. The woodscrews and other hardware should be available at your local hardware store or home center. You'll also need a left-to-right reading self-adhesive measuring tape.

The Band Saw Circle-Cutting Jig project was originally published in ShopNotes No. 15.

WHAT YOU GET.PDFThe Band Saw Circle-Cutting Jig woodworking plan is a six-page, 1.3-megabyte pdf file. It includes step-by-step instructions and 12 detailed drawings, along with a materials list. It also includes complete instructions for using the jig.

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Band Saw Circle Cutting Jig Woodworking Plan