Woodworking Basic Techniques

10 Best Table Saw Accessories Building Outdoor Projects that Last
If you start with the right materials and follow up with occasional maintenance, your outdoor furniture can stay in like-new condition.

10 Best Table Saw Accessories 10 Best Table Saw Accessories
What makes a table saw so versatile? It's the shop-built accessories and jigs woodworkers use. Here are ten you can build yourself.
Guide to problem-solving clamps Guide to Problem-Solving Clamps
You've probably seen these specialty clamps advertised, but what kinds of projects are they made for and how are they used?

Trim Carpentry Secrets Trim Carpentry Secrets
A vetreran finish carpenter shares some tricks for cutting precise miters, fixing sagging doors, and cutting base boards for a snug fit.
Dado Blade Basics Dado Blade Basics
Confused about dado blades? We'll explain the different types available and how to set up your table saw for five popular dado cuts.
Secrets to Working with Plywood Secrets to Working with Plywood
Plywood can be a great substitute for solid wood stock, especially if your project calls for large panels. Get our shop secrets!
3 Ways to Better Handle Sheet Goods 3 Ways to Better Handle Sheet Goods
Build three different projects for your shop—a panel-moving shuttle, a panel storage system, and a foldaway cutting table.

Strategies for Setting up Shop Surfire Stragtegies for Setting up Shop
We'll go over the pros and cons of three different locations used for a shopówith tips for calculating the best use of the space available.
Solid Wood Panels Gluing up Solid Wood Panels
It takes more than luck to end up with great-looking solid wood panels. Have a proven plan in place before you squeeze out the first bead of glue.
Frame and Raised Panels Frame & Raised Panels
It's hard to avoid woodworking joints that come loose over time. That's why professionals use frame and panel construction whenever possible.
Clamping and Assembly Clamping & Assembly
Discover the secrets to a perfect glue up! We'll take you step-by-step through the critical stages of clamping and assembly.
Making Great Crosscuts Making Great Crosscuts
First we'll help you adjust your table saw components so everything is aligned, square and accurate. Then we'll share the techniques we use.
Smooth and Clean Rip Cuts Smooth and Clean Rip Cuts
If you've ever ended up with a burned edge or had a workpiece suddenly kick back, here's a guide for avoiding these common lumber ripping problems.
Table Saw Insert Table Saw Insert / Ripping Thin Strips
What's the solution to keeping narrow strips from jamming your table saw blade? Replace your saw's metal insert with this custom insert.
Small Shop Finish Station Small Shop Finishing Station
Build a curtain-style spray booth that works in just about any size shop. Plus—how to build a revolving finishing station.

Water-Based Finishes Water-Based Finishes
Explore the pros (and cons) of using water-based finishes, how they differ from oils and varnishes, and special considerations for the surface.
Spraying a Flawless Finish Spraying a Flawless Finish
If you've always wanted the brilliant, smooth finish you see on professionally-made furniture, this shop guide is for you.
Brush Basics Brush Basics
When it comes to finishing a project, there's no substitute for high-quality bristle brushes — and the more consistent results you'll get using them.
Router Bit Basics Router Bit Basics
One of the best ways to explore what you can do with a router is to simply look at the wide variety of router bits available.
Choosing and Using Glues Choosing and Using Glues
Are you using the best glue for your projects? This can make big difference in how your project goes together — and stays together.
Bent Lamination Bent Lamination
Bent lamination (thin wood strips, bent, and glued together around a form) is one of the most gratifying techniques in woodworking.