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Bunk Beds

bunkbedsHere's the perfect solution for opening up floor space and providing more room for the kids. Our bunk beds plan features a safety guard rail that can be removed for changing linens, then locked back in place to keep the kids safe.

The beds can also be set up as individual twin beds and then stacked or separated as needed in the future.

Suggested Tools:
Table Saw, Dado Blade, Drill Press with 3/8", 1/2", and 1" Forstner Drill Bits. Router/Table with: 1/4" Roundover Bit, 1/4" Straight Bit, 1/2" Dovetail Bit.

Skill Level:
If you have the suggested tools and are comfortable using them, you will enjoy building these bunk beds. If you're not familiar with these tools, you will find this project challenging.

bunkbedsWHAT YOU GET
12-page Downloadable PDF File
High-detail color photos and diagrams
Step-by-step procedures
Complete materials list for easy shopping.

All for only $7.95

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Bunk Beds Woodworking Plan