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Lathe Stand Woodworking Plan

Lathe StandBenchtop lathes are terrific tools, but they often suffer one big problem - vibration. And the problem usually isn't the lathe -- it's the stand. The stand just doesn't have enough mass to damp the vibration of the spinning workpiece. So we designed this lathe stand to help your lathe run vibration-free.

What we've done is to build two layers of 3/4" particleboard into the legs and top. Then, to add even more weight, a hollow beam runs between the legs. But how does a hollow beam add weight? The trick is to fill it with sand. This beam will hold almost 60 pounds of sand to further dampen vibration.

Now all this weight can be a mixed blessing if the time comes when you have to move the stand. So we designed the Lathe Stand to bolt together, so it can be easily disassembled and moved. And to help store your tools, the plan includes two storage drawers, and an optional swing-out tool rack to keep your turning tools close while you work.

The overall dimensions of the Lathe Stand are 60' wide x 16" deep x 32" high. This woodworking plan was originally published in ShopNotes No. 10.

WHAT YOU GET.PDFThe Lathe Stand woodworking plan is a seven-page, 1.4-megabyte pdf file. It includes complete, step-by-step instructions, 11 detailed drawings, a materials list, and a cutting diagram.

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Lathe Stand Woodworking Plan