Desk Plans and Home Office Furniture Plans
Cottage-Style Cabinet Modular Craft Center Plan
With a large worksurface and lots of handy storage, this work center is sure to please even the most demanding hobbyist.
Notebook Computer Desk Plan Notebook Computer Desk Plan
Compact, drop-front desk makes a great workstation for checking email, paying bills, and picking up the car keys on your way out of the house.
drop-front computer desk Drop-Front Computer Desk Plan
Here's a computer desk that doesn't really look like a computer desk at all. The traditional furniture style compliments any room in your home
High-Back Hall Bench Woodworking Plan 5-Drawer Desk
Small size and elegant look makes this desk the perfect addition to just about any room in your home. Modular-style construction.
Computer Desk Plan Computer Desk
Contemporary design looks great anywhere in the room! Computer tower easily fits in lower right cabinet. Office supplies can be stored on the left.
Computer Desk Plan Computer Desk with Printer Cabinet
This plan also includes instructions for building an optional printer cabinet and hanging file storage compartment.
Hideaway Computer Cabinet Hideaway Computer Cabinet
Unique two-piece design features an upper section cabinet (holds up to a 21" monitor) and a lower section desk and keyboard tray.
Modular File Cabinet / Desk Modular File Cabinet / Desk
Stack the individual cabinets to form a traditional-style file cabinet, or build a matching table top to make a great looking office desk.
Computer Desk and Extension

Computer Desk and Extension
Unique design allows you to add/arrange components to fit your particular work space. Perfect for small rooms.

Barrister's Bookcase Barrister's Bookcase
Individual shelf sections can be mixed and matched. As you collect more books, just build another section.
craftsman bookcase woodworking plan Craftsman Two-Drawer Bookcase
Highlight your craftsmanship with this two-drawer bookcase plan from Woodsmith magazine.
bookcase plan Bookcase Plan - Built in Bookcases
Transform a room into a library! Build an entire wall of shelves to hold hundreds of books and knick knacks.
Two-Shelf Oak Bookcase Two-Shelf Oak Bookcase
A real woodworker's bookcase. Features great joinery techniques, including stub tenon and groove, rabbet, and splined miters.
Melamine Desk Melamine Desk and Storage Units
For about $100 and a weekend in the shop, you can build these popular melamine storage units for an office desk or closet storage.
Pedestal Desk Pedestal Desk
Building this desk is a big project. But that's only because there are a lot of pieces. The actual woodworking is straightforward and not at all tricky.
Desk Organizer Desk Organizer
This Desk Organizer looks good from any side (even the back), so you can put it on a desk, table, or countertop.
Decorative Peg Clock Decorative Peg Clock
Offers a variety of challenging woodworking techniques: cutting, rabbeting, mortising, drilling, countersinking, and chamfering.