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Working with Plywood Woodworking Technique

Plywood can be a great substitute for solid wood stock, especially if your project calls for large panels. It's less prone to warp, easier to finish, and more economical.

However, plywood does have its challenges. The large panels can be difficult to cut accurately, and the thin face veneers have a tendency to chip out. Plus, you'll need to find a way to cover the exposed edges.

In this Tools & Technique article from ShopNotes magazine, we'll share what we've learned about working with plywood , from planning the first cut to clamping and assembling the pieces. We'll show you how to make a handy edge-cutting guide that takes the guess work out of lining up the blade of your saw with your cut line. We'll also show you how to apply solid wood edging in 8 easy steps.

5-page Downloadable PDF Article
In-depth instructions for cutting techniques
How to make an edge-cutting guide
Applying hardwood edging
Choosing the right plywood

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Working with Plywood Woodworking Technique