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Portable Router Station

Portable Router TableThere's no doubt about it: a router is absolutely necessary to modern woodworking. Trimming a workpiece, cutting a mortise, routing rabbets, dadoes and grooves; there's almost no end to what you can do with a good router.

Mounted under a table, a router becomes even more valuable. Now, you can shape corners of long pieces, make repeated, stopped cuts, and have a safe, large working area. The only thing is, the average router table takes up a lot of floor space in a shop, and it really isn't built for hauling to and from a job site. That's where our Portable Router Table comes in. Our table mounts on two sawhorses (also featured here), so you can set it up, take it down, or take it with you, quickly and easily.

The Portable Router Table was originally featured in Workbench Vol. 54, #1.

WHAT YOU GET.PDFThe Portable Router Table plan is an eight-page, 520K ".pdf" file. It has over 20 detailed drawings and photographs, a materials list, and a two page bonus technique article on laying laminates.

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Portable Router Station Woodworking Plan