Shop Jig Plans for Woodworking

Sliding Crosscut Box Precision Crosscut Sled
Lightweight sled design makes cutting large work pieces on the table saw a snap. The rock-solid fence ensures square cuts every time.
Poertable Dovetail Jig Workcenter Plan Dovetail Jig Workcenter Plan
A dovetail jig makes dovetails easy - but the tool can be awkward to use. The workcenter provides a better solution.
10 Best Table Saw Accessories 10 Best Table Saw Jigs & Accessories
What makes a table saw so versatile? It's the shop-built accessories and jigs woodworkers use. Here are ten you can build yourself.
Five Router Jigs Five Quick Router Jigs
Five easy-to-build shop jigs that put your router to task cutting large circles, trimming edges flush, cutting mortises, and more.
Seven Must-Have Shop Jigs Seven Must-Have Shop Jigs
Most woodworking projects can be completed surprisingly well with only a small collection of basic jigs.
Five Circular Saw Jigs Five Circular Saw Jigs
Don't sell your circular saw short. Using these five jigs will give you precision results you wouldn't expect with a circular saw.
Table Saw Outfeed Support plan Table Saw Outfeed Support
Large 18" by 36" top provides plenty of work surface for supporting workpieces. Legs fold away when not in use.
Box Joint Jig - Multiple Fence System Box Joint Jig - Multiple Fence System
Quick, interchangeable fences—each built for a specific size pin—eliminate the need to readjust jig for different box joint sizes.
Box Joint Jig Box Joint Jig
Dial in perfect-fitting box joints on your table saw or router table. Micro-adjustment system and locking feature make it easy and accurate.
Dovetail Jig Dovetail Jig
Now you can cut perfect half-blind dovetails for drawer and box construction using the Woodsmith dovetail jig.
Tenoning Jig Tenoning Jig
Features a unique preset system that lets you cut all the standard sizes of tenons without having to make complicated adjustments.
Taper Jig Taper Jig
In addition to cutting tapers, it's also perfect for making angled cuts on wide boards, and for straight-line ripping on your table saw.
Router Circle Cutting Jig Hinge Mortising Jig
Perfect for making your trim router create quick, clean, and accurate hinge mortises—first time and every time.
Adjustable Dado Jig Heavy-Duty Adjustable Dado Jig
Perfect dadoes every time! For cutting snug-fitting dadoes exactly where you want them, it's hard to beat this jig.
Router Circle Cutting Jig Heavy-Duty Circle-Cutting Jig
Nothing beats a router for smooth, clean edges first time around. Also perfect for small holes and wide arches.
Sliding Crosscut Box Sliding Crosscut Box
Easily cut miters on your table saw with boards up to 24" wide — safely and accurately. Adjustable stops for quick multiples.
Band Saw Circle-Cutting Jig Band Saw Circle-Cutting Jig
You can take all the guessworkout of cutting circles on your band saw with this circle-cutting jig.
Table Saw Insert Table Saw Insert / Ripping Thin Strips
What's the solution to keeping narrow strips from jamming your table saw blade? Replace your saw's metal insert with this custom insert.
Panel Cutting Guide Tilt-out Panel Cutting Guide
Get professional results with this shop-made panel cutting guide. Just as accurate as a commercial model, but considerably less expensive.
MIter Gauge Fence Miter Gauge Fence
Add accuracy and consistency to your crosscutting. Provides more support for the workpiece than the miter gauge itself.