Build a Tool Stand
Step-by-step plans designed by the editors of Woodsmith, ShopNotes, and Workbench magazines!
Miter Table Woodworking Plan

Miter Saw Station
Miter Saw Stand
MIter Table
Miter Saw Station
Miter Saw Station
Miter Saw Stand
Miter Table
sawhorses plan
Outfeed Support
Table Saw Station
Table Saw Stand
Drop-Down Saw
table saw outfeed support plan
table saw station
table saw statnd
dovetail jig workcenter
Panel Saw
Panel Saw
Drill Press Table
Drill Press Table
panel saw woodworking plan
panel saw plan
drill press table plan
drill press table plan
Planer Stand
Planer Station
Cordless Station
Mini-Lathe Stand
planer stand plan
planer station plan
sawhorses plan
mini lathe stand plan
Bandsaw Table
Lathe Stand
Shop Station
Saw Station
bandsaw table plan
lathe stand plan
shop station plan

saw station plan
Vacuum Station
Dovetail Station
  sawhorses plan
  dovetail jig workcenter

Tool Stands Plan Descriptions
Miter Saw Station Woodworking Plan
The only thing a miter saw lacks is a table to support long workpieces. Our miter saw station solves this problem. Step-by-step plans.
Drill Press Table & Fence Woodworking Plan
The small metal table that came with your drill press was not designed for woodworking. Make your drill press woodworker-friendly.
Band Saw Upgrade Table & Fence Woodworking Plan
Make your band saw more versatile with this large auxiliary table and precision fence.
Roll-Around Planer Stand Woodworking Plan
At about 60 pounds, I don't like to move my planer around too often. But it's a lot easier now that I built this roll-around planer stand.
Mobile Planer Station Woodworking Plan
Easy-to-build station provides a 30" outfeed platform for benchtop-style planers. Place on your benchtop or a pair of sawhorses.
Knock-Down Table Saw Station Woodworking Plan
Portable station for benchtop table saw is perfect for use in the shop, driveway, or even the backyard. Easy setup and knock-down design.
Lathe Stand Woodworking Plan
Benchtop lathes lack the mass needed to dampen the vibration of the spinning workpiece. Our lathe stand stabilizes and reduces vibration.
Mini-Lathe Stand Woodworking Plan
Turn your mini-lathe into a full-fledged turning center! This stand is rock solid, easy to build, and provides plenty of storage.
Sure-Footed Sawhorse Woodworking Plan
Hefty, strong, and safe enough to stand on. The only plan you'll ever need for shop sawhorses.
Portable Benchtop Saw Station Woodworking Plan
Get the most from your benchtop tablesaw with this portable workstation. Perfect for outdoor projects.

Shop Utility Station Woodworking Plan
Handy wall-mounted shelf makes a perfect station for using or storing power tools. Helps eliminate clutter in the shop.

Panel Saw Woodworking Plan
Panel saw conveniently folds up flat and rolls against the wall for easy storage. Plan includes an optional design for a router carriage.